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theeskylar asked: Hey, I'm not sure if they have the Black Widow Comic on Marvel Unlimited, I'll ask my friend when I get home tonight. She has it. But it's the current run of Black Widow, I'm reading it now. Its really good.

I really want to read it!! They do have the first few issues on unlimited, I think the first four or five. I want to catch up with it and so far the TP they’re going to release is just the first six issues. Right now I’m reading Hawkeye, but I plan on reading widow on unlimited and then maybe buy digital editions of the ones they don’t have.

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I’m still confused ._.

Art Deco tends to have a lot of symmetric geometric shapes; triangles, half circles, sun bursts, lots of sharp angles and rich colors.The style was very good for architecture, which is why you see a lot more buildings in this style rather than paintings, jewelry or clothing (although art deco dresses are hella pretty). Some good examples of these are the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building in New York.

Art Nouveau has a lot more flowing, organic shapes based on nature and our interactions with it. There’s a lot more asymmetry to this style, and a lot of hard and soft with stylized flowing hair and rendered ladies faces being a popular motif. Really the only repeating patterns are circles (often filled with flowers) and more muted colors.You’ll find a lot more jewelry, clothing and art in this style. I actually can’t think of an Art Nouveau building off the top of my head, although I can think of many stained glass panels.

The quintessential Art Nouveau artist is, in my opinion, Alphonse Mucha. If you want a good look at Nouveau, look at him.

I haven’t found a lot of artists in the Art Deco style that I like, but a lot of beautiful architecture came from that period. Bioshock was a really good game that used design from this period.

Hope this helps!

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